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This is a personal website and blog that is run by Mark Mariani, Greenwich based experienced home designer and landscaper. Here you will be able to find both information and advice regarding trends in residential construction along with a full bio for Mr. Mariani.

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This website was created by Mr. Mark Mariani to provide information about residential construction, one of Mark's passions. Mr. Mariani is an entrepreneur and founder of his own home design and landscaping company, and as such he has to follow the trends and stay up to date with the construction industry. He is an avid home building enthusiast and is very knowledgeable on the topic and in the field. This blog will provide information for individuals with all different levels of knowledge, from those that are just beginning to those who have been working in residential construction for many years. Visit our Blog Page to view informational articles, or click on the About tab for a full history and bio information for Mr. Mariani.

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Mark Mariani

mark mariani

Greenwich, CT & West Harrison, New York Businessman & Entrepreneur

Mark Mariani considers himself, first and foremost, an artist. By necessity, he creates designs that reflect nature’s strength, delicacy, and harmony. At the young age of 21, Mark set his course and founded his own landscape and home design firm, Mark Mariani, Inc., which seamlessly transferred his aesthetic and organizational skills that he used in landscape design over to his home building and property development career.

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Whether you are an amateur or a longstanding professional when it comes to residential construction, you will no doubt find valuable resources in our blog that contain tips, trends, and up to date information about the current trends in residential construction. Further, you will be able to access advice that comes directly from Mr. Mariani’s decades worth of experience. To learn more about Mark, you can check out the About Page for his full bio.

Information About Residential Construction

Residential construction is concerned with the building and sale of both individual and multi-family homes. These could include apartment buildings, condominiums, single-units, duplexes, quadplexes, or manufactured housing, like mobile homes and pre-built houses. Residential construction is arguably one of the most profitable markets to invest in today. The market is constantly in flux, and right now is the best time to learn more about it and get involved in a way that works best for you. Mr. Mariani’s valuable knowledge has helped him to become one of the most respected leaders in the industry.

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If you want to network or to learn more about residential construction, you can connect with Mr. Mariani by clicking on the Contact tab below and then filling out the form located there. Mark Mariani is always open to new business opportunities and will be sure to get back to you shortly. You can follow Mark on social media or check out the Blog for articles about residential construction.


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