Mark Mariani

Greenwich, CT & West Harrison, NY Businessman and Entrepreneur

Mark Mariani always utilizes a unique yet dynamic approach when it comes to his landscaping designs. The foundations for this creativity were the feelings he has of being so comfortable and natural when in the woods or on top of the earth in a moving machine. He spent his childhood looking out from the tops of the trees, and from that viewpoint he internalized the sights that then became the roots for copying nature’s rhythm, interconnectedness, and beauty within his own future designs.

Mark Mariani taught himself to drive a car at the age of 9 so that he could go to his job, which was locking up the neighborhood cemetery gates. Other jobs he worked included snow shoveling, planting and maintaining gardens, and teaching himself to operate a bulldozer. These jobs rooted in nature would tie Mark to the earth in a fashion that seemed both natural and inspiring. Mark would note nature’s seasonal changes, memorizing everything from its contours to its varying textures.

At 21, he founded his own firm for landscape and home design named Mark Mariani, Inc.  Mr. Mariani’s gardens, which span over the last 40 years, like many of his patrons, find their center in Mark’s innate tether to the natural world. These works define an award winning career and they are continually emulated in places like Greenwich, the Hamptons, and in surrounding Connecticut and New York areas.

Professional Credentials

Areas of Interest

  • Property Development
  • Landscaping
  • Home Design

Home Building Guidelines

  • Honoring Nature
  • Unique and Stunning Designs
  • To Preserve the Land

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If you would like to learn more about residential construction, you can get in touch with Mark by using the form on the contact page. Mr. Mariani is always welcome to networking and business opportunities with like minded individuals. If you would like to hear what Mark Mariani has to say about residential construction, you can follow his social media for tips and information.


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